We had a lot of fun developing the RSPE Virtual S6 Channel Strip!

What's not to like? Building and sharing useful, new tools for everyone to use is very gratifying!

What's in it for us? We hope that you give us a chance to work with you on getting the best possible deal on your Avid S6!

No matter how big or small your studio, we know the Avid S6 is a major purchase. We are sure you'll find our sales engineers as helpful and enthusiastic about gear as you are! We will work with you to give you a great price on the S6 configuration that best fits your studio's needs. Professional service is a part of every purchase!

We hope that you will take a few minutes to talk about S6 with us.

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About RSPE

Based in Los Angeles for over 23 years, RSPE Audio Solutions is an industry leader in audio post, music, and broadcast equipment sales, service, and support. 

Whether your business is music or post, big-budget or home studio, RSPE is committed to providing the audio community with the best possible service and purchasing experience available anywhere. We’ll help you make the most out of your hard earned dollars and we’ll back it up with unwavering support. 

As an RSPE customer, a team of consummate audio and video professionals are always at your disposal. Highly trained in all aspects of professional audio and video from designing world-class recording and editorial facilities to troubleshooting, training, and repair, RSPE sales consultants and technicians are just a phone call or click away.

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About the Avid S6 Configurator & RSPE Audio's Virtual Experience


Clearly, the internet has changed the way we gather and share information. We feel that it has become an ideal platform for developing and sharing new, creative methods demonstrating the most interesting aspects of audio gear.


For your consideration… we give you RSPE Audio’s “Virtual Experience.”


With each virtual experience, you can learn about great new products and explore key features through interactive demonstrations. The RSPE Avid S6 Configuator allows you to view the pre-configured S6 control surfaces offered, and learn more about the S6's modular layout and features.



We hope that you enjoy!


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